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Services provided for Indiana, Eastern Illinois, and Southern Michigan

Preparing for your special wedding day can be exciting but challenging.  This web site has been designed to assist you as you make your music plans for your wedding.  Whether you desire to use the harp for your wedding ceremony, and/or reception, rehearsal dinnerbridal shower, or other wedding events, this website should give you some practical tools to help your music planning.   I am available for a private consultation in my music studio (usually one hour) to personally assist you as you work through the details of your music selections.   Contact me for scheduling.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, the harp can be taken to most locations.  There are some additional considerations when you are planning an outside wedding.  The harp needs a flat, dry, shaded surface.   I usually bring a wooden board to set the harp on outside.  If the weather is less than perfect; make sure you have an alternate location.   The harp needs to be under a canopy to avoid moisture.  In inclement weather, the harp has to be under a covered structure.

The harp has a rich, full sound.  Amplification is not always necessary—even if you are having an out door ceremony or reception. 

If you are using other instruments or a soloist that will require harp accompaniment, I need to have a copy of their music at least four weeks before the wedding.  I am available for extra rehearsal time in my studio.   If you are having a church ceremony, be sure to check with the church policy regarding your music selections. 

Wedding planning can be hectic.  Plan ahead, take your notes, color swatches and agenda with you wherever you go, set your budget and keep your focus on your ultimate goal.  Elegant weddings are not always the most expensive but they do require preparation.  Enjoy this special time in your life!

Alicia Wedertz, Harpist

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