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NEW for 2011 . . .

           Just released and already receiving outstanding reviews . . .  
 Harp CD entitled

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  
Beautiful, relaxing, hymn settings for the harp in a classical, traditional style

Arranged and performed by  
Alicia Felts-Wedertz

 Sample Audio

Beneath The Cross of Jesus 
Holy Holy Holy 
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 

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     The music of the harp has been documented since Biblical times to relieve stress and calm anxiety.  It has long been associated with Heavenly sounds and angelic beings. Numerous anecdotal reports have been reported over the years of both the calming and intellectual benefits of music. Recent research studies have scientifically shown not only the emotional and physiological benefits of music, but harp music in particular has been demonstrated to improve immune system functioning, decrease blood pressure, anxiety and surgery recovery time (C. Magnussen, 2006; KMBC, 2010). Brain wave changes, heart rate and respiration rates are also positively influenced by the music of the harp. (C.Kennedy, 2010; University of Rochester, 2011) Alicia Felts Wedertz is a Master musician whose incredible music on the harp will calm, inspire, relax and heal as the listener is transported to a relaxing and inspirational state that will speak to the soul. I cannot recommend her talent and music highly enough. Personally, it has relieved my headaches, helped me relax and improved my sleep. Everyone will benefit from her music!

 Betsye Hunter Robinette,PhD
Professor of Psychology
Indiana Wesleyan University

   Music is a vital link to Seniors’ lives, and many of their most memorable moments can be associated with music.  Research continues to show that music enriches the lives of everyone and musical activities possess significant wellness benefits.  Immersing adults in activities that provide physical, social, and psychological wellness helps adults to stay mentally active, socially engaged, and physically fit which, in turn, helps them to age better and are better protected against age-related problems. 

 Music is an activity which can  . . .

--Decrease anxiety, depression and loneliness 

--Help in coping with stress

-- Stimulating the immune system 

--Challenge the mind

-- Encourage creativity

--Help maintain dexterity

--Celebrate moments and events, past and present

          --Recreation and Entertainment


The harp adds even more to the benefits of music due to the unique acoustic characteristics which create a sound that is soothing, resonant, and unobtrusive.  These special qualities make the harp very versatile and beneficial in Retirement and Assisted Living Communities, Memory Care and Nursing Facilities. 

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